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Company History

Ken Major Pty Ltd makers of Sar Major Canvas Goods and Trailers: A proven history of manufacturing quality goods in South Australia for 60 years


Ken Major working in the backyard shed in Netherby circa  1950s Ken F. Major Canvas Goods commenced operation in a backyard shed in Netherby South Australia in 1953 with Ken Major and his wife Fov the sole operators. Ken Major learnt the canvas trade over a number of years working for various organisations and in 1956 bought out the canvas goods manufacturing operations of Colton, Palmer and Preston.
In 1958 a block of land was bought at the present site in St Marys, a new factory was built and the Company was formally incorporated as Ken Major Pty Ltd. The Company initially concentrated on the manufacture of caravan annexes and became South Australia's largest supplier.


Ken   F Major Canvas Goods St Marys Factory circa 1958

Ken F Major Canvas Goods - St    Marys Factory circa 1958



Ken Major Pty Ltd - Murdochs 1967 Also in 1958 the canvas goods manufacturing division of Harris Scarfes was acquired followed by Murdochs (pictured) in 1966 and then Adelaide Tent Company in 1970.  The latter acquisition provided an entry to the stock and station business in the Northern Territory. During this time the factory grew four-fold to its present size with all the operations being consolidated at the St Marys site by 1972.
Sar Major Discovery Double Swag Today Ken Major Pty Ltd remains a family-owned enterprise and is one of the largest canvas goods manufacturers in Australia. The original canvas division has diversified into the manufacture of tents, swags, water bags and tarpaulins in canvas and synthetic materials.
Sar Major Campermax Camper TrailerProduction evolved in the late 1990s with the introduction of the Campermax camper trailers. Then in November 2002, Ken Major Pty Ltd purchased an adjoining property and began manufacturing trailers under the Sar Major Trailer brand name.
Ken and Fov Major circa 1950s Ken Major passed away in 1990. Ken was a proud Aussie who served his country and shared his passion for boating, camping and caravaning with so many.  He was much loved by his family, staff and multitude of friends.

Ken’s wife, Fov, continued building Ken’s vision with her loyal staff until her retirement in 2008.

Fov Major with grandchildren Todd Trimper and Cathi Buttfield
The current Board of Directors is comprised of Ken’s grandchildren Cathi Buttfield and Todd Trimper (pictured with Mrs Major). 


With Cathi stepping in as Managing Director as of January 2012, Ken Major Pty Ltd is now a third generation family business, and the Sar Major team continues to strive for excellence in both manufacturing and customer service.

Our Product Range

Sar Major Canvas Goods

Ken Major Pty Ltd manufactures all types of Canvas Goods, including tents, tarpaulins, swags, banners and all types of custom made items both in canvas and most synthetic materials.

Sar Major Camper Trailers

Our Sar Major Camper Trailers incorporate a heavy duty canvas tent section and sturdy, well built trailers.  All equipment is manufactured on our premises so we can customise the Camper to suit your needs.

Sar Major Trailers

Sar Major Trailers are manufactured in full at our South Australia at our St Marys factory.  We do not import ready made flat packed trailers.  Our range includes industrial, commercial, domestic and recreational trailers of all sizes and descriptions, from standard box trailers to car trailers and specialised gardening trailers.

Camping Accessories

We also stock a range of camping accessories including specialised items such as tent poles and Tear Aid patches.