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Annexes, Awnings and Walls

Sar Major Canvas Goods have the best canvas products for you!

Sar Major have been manufacturing awnings, walls or full annexes to suit all types of caravans and camper trailers since 1953.

Create more living space and comfort with these addtions

Biway or Traveller Annexes for vans which don't have any awnings.
Roll Out Awning Walls to suit caravans which have Roll out Awnings fitted.
Bag Awnings for shade on Pop Up Campers, with walls available if needed.
Bed End Flys to keep your camper beds cooler in the heat.

We have plenty of wall patterns and colours available to make them all look great.



Roll Out Awning Walls

Sar Major Traveller Annexe

Possibly still the best structure in bad weather is the older style of full annexe.

Whether it's a Biway annexe to suit a full height van or our Traveller annexe to fit onto a poptop caravan, they come complete with a full frame, heavy duty canvas roof and walls and choice of many options.

They take a little longer to erect than a similar size roll out awning with walls but for permanent on site vans or very windy spots, they are possibly a better alternative.

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Sar Major Roll Out Awning Walls

Many caravans these days have Roll Out Awnings fitted to them. At Sar Major Canvas Goods we can fit walls to these awnings and extend your living space immensely.

We have many extras such as windows, doors, partition walls etc.

They are easy to erect and come in a wide range of colours.

Bag Awnings

Bed End Flys

Sar Major Bag Awnings

For the wind up style Camper Vans we manufacture the Bag Awning.

Available in 5 sizes this white PVC awning comes complete with a full frame and when not in use zips neatly into it's own bag which stays permanently on the side of the van even when travelling

Walls to suit this awning are also available as are bag style flys to protect the bed area of these type of campers.

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Sar Major Bed End Flys

With space being at a premium in most "Wind Up" type campers have beds which pull out from the ends. These beds often need some extra protection when the weather becomes extreme.

The Flys will make the bed area cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter. They also help to keep rain from the canvas on those wintry days.

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Budget Awnings

Repairs And Accessories

Sar Major

Sometimes people just want a bit of sun protection and don't have the need for another room.

Budget Awnings will provide shade on the side of caravans or wind up camper trailers, they can be made in any length and provide the most economical way of getting some top shade.

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Tear-Aid Repair Patches

From repairing your current annexe to an instant quick fix with Tear-Aid® repair patches, Sar Major have you covered for all your canvas repairs and accessories.

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So that we can give you the best product at the best price, Sar Major Canvas Goods have a wide range of pricing and package options to suit your needs.

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