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Enclosed Trailers

  Sar Major Enclosed Trailer  Sar Major Enclosed Trailers  Sar Major Enclosed Trailers

Security and weather protection are both covered with a Sar Major Enclosed Trailer.

We manufacture a range of sizes and heights with either single or barn doors.  Roof / ladder racks are standard on most models. 

The load rating can be customised to suit your needs.

Sar Major Enclosed Trailers

Standard Heavy Duty Chassis Features*
Chasis Rails: 50 x 50 x 2.5 Galvanised RHS Outer
Chasis X Members: 50 x 50 x 2 Galvanised RHS
Draw Bar: 75 x 50 x 3 Galvanised RHS
Spare Wheel: Mounted on Draw Bar
Floor: 2mm Zinc Anneal or 2.1mm Chequerplate
Trailer Wall Height: 300mm
Mudguards: Reinforced and Folded Zinc Anneal
Coupling: 50mm Standard Ball
Springs Single Axle Units: 5 Leaf Slipper
Tandem Units: 5 Leaf Tandem Slipper
Axle: Single Unit:  39mm Round
Tandem Units: 39mm Round (1 x Braked)
Paint: Etch Primed Undercoat
Hammertone Industrial Enamel
Tyres and Rims: Used
Canopy Features: – Various Sizes and Heights
– Single or Double Doors
– Roof / Ladder Rack
– Can Be Customised to Your Specifications
– Load Rating to Suit Your Needs
Additional Features: – Skid Rails / Steps – Strengthens Mudguards
– Plug Holder on Draw Bar and Galvanised Safety Chain
– Surrounds to Protect Rear Light
– Wiring Runs Through Chasis for Protection


Code No. Sizes
  6' x 4'  
  7' x 4'  
  7' x 5'  
  8' x 5'  
  8' x 5'  Tandem  


So that we can give you the best product at the best price, Sar Major Trailers have a wide range of pricing and package options to suit your needs.

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 *All measurements, weights and components are approximate only and may vary.  Features and availability are subject to alteration without notice.