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Gardening Trailers

   Sar Major Gardening Trailer  Sar Major Gardening Trailer

For the gardening professional start with our 7×5' Heavy Duty Trailer, add solid sides, mesh front and a rear ramp.

A mower tray at the front with a ramp completes the unit.

For the home gardener we offer a range of trailers with cages to suit most needs.

Trailer Load Rating 749kg

Sar Major Gardening Trailers

Standard Features*
Size: 7' x 5' (8' x 5' Tandem also available)
Chasis Rails: 50 x 50 x 2.5 Galvanised RHS Outer
Chasis Floor Supports: 50 x 25 x 2 Galvanised RHS
Draw Bar: 100 x 50 x 3 Galvanised RHS
Body: 1.6mm Flat Zinc Anneal
Floor: 2mm Zinc Anneal or 2.1mm Chequerplate
Mudguards: Reinforced and Folded Zinc Anneal
Coupling: 50mm Standard Ball
Springs Single Axle Units: 5 Leaf Slipper
Tandem Units: 5 Leaf Tandem Slipper
Axle: Single Unit:  39mm Round (Load Rating 749kg)
Tandem Units: 1x 39mm Round & 1 x 40mm Square Braked (Load Rating 1990kg)
Paint: Etch Primed Undercoat
Charcoal Hammertone Industrial Enamel
Tyres and Rims: New 14" Light Truck Tyres & Sunraysia Style White Rims
Gardening Features: – 1200mm High Solid Sides
– 1200mm High Mesh Front
– Rear Ramp with Spring
– Mower Tray with Ramp
Additional Features:

– Skid Rails / Steps – Strengthens Mudguards
– Plug Holder on Draw Bar and Galvanised Safety Chain
– Surrounds to Protect Rear Light
– Wiring Runs Through Chasis for Protection
– LED Lights

Optional Features: – Side Toolbox
– Caged/Fully Enclosed Mower Tray

 *All measurements, weights and components are approximate only and may vary.  Pictures are for illustration purposes only.  Features and availability are subject to alteration without notice.

So that we can give you the best product at the best price, Sar Major Trailers have a wide range of pricing and package options to suit your needs.

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